#ServingLooks: How To Wear A T-shirt With Style

#ServingLooks: How To Wear A T-shirt With Style

On the last installment of #ServingLooks, we've talked about how to find the perfect t-shirt. Now we're going to discuss how you're going to wear a t-shirt once you found the perfect one for you.


The Basics of Fitting a T-shirt

Your T-shirt should be long enough to fit into your trousers, but not so long that there's a lot of bunching. A general rule is that it should be longer than your hip bone, but cover your waistband.

It's got to fit properly around the neck, meaning that when you lift your arms there isn't a huge gap around the neck, but it's not so tight that you can't move around easily. The sleeves shouldn't be longer than your elbow and should be fitted around the arms.

Your T-shirt shouldn't too loose or tight. If you can see every detail of your stomach, it's too tight. If you can't even see the shape of your body then it's too loose. Your top shouldn't fall straight down and should follow the curve of your body a little.

It's All About Silhouettes

If you can pull off wearing something as simple as a t-shirt, then you can pull off wearing any style. Because wearing a t-shirt stylishly is all about playing with silhouettes--particularly board shoulders and a narrow waist for men and a fuller bust and hourglass figure for women. So essentially, whether you're built and muscled, skinny, or round in some areas, you can wear a t-shirt and wear it well.


Nothing is more classic than wearing a crew neck t-shirt. Think of James Dean or Marlon Brando. Even though it can hold up on its own--the best way to unlock your style potential is to layer your t-shirt with other articles of clothing.

For example, if you're wearing a form-fitting t-shirt, something that's a little tight around the torso and arms, a bomber jacket will look great on you. Keeping the collars of the t-shirt and jacket symmetrical, this look can work for any occasion. Easy to wear and to transition from the day to Friday night drinks, this is an carefree look.

If you need to go for a more sophisticated look, swap your bomber jacket for a tweed or linen blazer. Then put on a pair of chinos to complete the look.

Wear for Comfort

Nothing wears better than a face brightly-lit with a smile--and you can't smile when you're under stress. On a bright summer day, put on a v-neck tee and tuck it in a pair of shorts, either tailored cotton or slim fit denim. Finish off with some white plimsolls and some light-weight sunglasses to achieve a light, airy vibe.

But if you're looking for maximum, laid-back comfort, opt for a classic long-lined T-shirt. Famously worn by Yeezy, a longline t-shirt can be mixed with a range of looks to show off your style. There's a sports-luxe look, which is effortlessly cool and collected: easy-going and to throw on in the morning rush. Then if you need to dress up for later in the day, layer your longlined T-shirt with either a bomber or mac, depending on your own preferences. Then complete the look with a classic black jean and sneakers..

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