#ServingLooks: How to Find the Perfect White Tee

#ServingLooks: How to Find the Perfect White Tee

Everyone, man or woman, should have a go-to white t-shirt. It's a staple item in the wardrobe. A white t-shirt is easy to match and accessorise with, looks really clean, and can be layered with other clothes depending on how you wanna look.

However, you should note that there's a difference between a go-to white t-shirt and a run-off-the-mill white t-shirt. Even if it sounds easy, there's actually an art and science behind choosing a go-to white tee. In this article of #ServingLooks, we're going to educate you on how to find and how to wear a white tee.

Finding the Perfect White Tee

T-shirts aren't made equally. That's why you probably have a preferred brand. But why is it your favourite? Is it because they're convenient? Cheap? Or... is it because they fit well on you?

Here's how to find the perfect white tee:



Sleeves should only go up to mid-bicep and be lightly snug around your arm, not too tight and not too loose.


If you have a narrow torso, find a t-shirt that's more form-fitting. If you’re wider, a t-shirt that's little loose, with more space in that area is the right one. But know that tight-fitting tees will make your chest look bigger. If this isn’t the look you’re going for, then choose a shirt that doesn’t wrap around as tightly.


The perfect t-shirt length is right above the crotch. You don’t want anyone to see your stomach, and this includes when you raise your arms. But you also don’t want to completely cover your butt.


There are two types of collars: crew and v-neck. The crew neck shirt is good, especially if you're built. It’s also a good option for men with narrow faces or longer necks. Less formal than the crew is the v-neck. V-necks will give the appearance of a longer neck! If you’re more of a stocky build, go with this option. But the most important thing is: don’t choke yourself with tight collars. If the collar is choking you, even for a bit, get a larger size.




Cotton tees are the most popular kind of t-shirt, and for good reason. Cotton breathes well and doesn’t rip easily. If you sweat easily, or plan to workout or be in heat, choose cotton. However, it does shrink after washing so keep that in mind when finding a shirt. You probably want to buy a pre-washed tee

Polyester-Cotton Blend

A 50/50 blend of polyester and cotton isn’t as breathable as 100% cotton. But, the chances of it shrinking are significantly less.

Now that you've had an education on how to find white tees, the next step is knowing where to buy them.

Where to Buy White T-shirts?

When buying t-shirts, there aren't really a lot of things to consider. It really comes down to three major factors:

  1. Fit
  2. Material
  3. Budget

We've covered two of them: fit and material. Now comes the budget.

Remember when we told you that not all tees are made equal? What you usually find when you shop for tees are either cheap yet low-quality or high-quality yet expensive.

It's always either or, you can't get the best of both worlds.

But here at Next Level Apparel, we like to think differently. We're always taking things to the next level.

You always had to settle when buying tees. We're changing that. With Next Level Apparel t-shirts, you don't need to settle for less. Our catalogue is filled with every kind of t-shirt you want, in different colours and sizes.

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So whenever you order a Next Level tee, you can be confident that you're getting the #BestTeesYou'llEverHave.

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