Want to Burn Extra Pounds? Ride a Motorcycle.

Want to Burn Extra Pounds? Ride a Motorcycle.

If there's one thing common between diets and fashion, it's fads. They come and go and are always changing. Nothing ever sticks. Perhaps that's why unless you're a fanatic, following a singular path is hard. Like going on a diet is ever easy.

Carbs are good. Carbs are bad. Red meat is good. Red meat is bad. But sugar (the excess of it) is always bad. That we can all agree on. We already know that motorcycling is good for the health, but some say that riding can even help you lose weight.

If that's the case, it would be paradoxical to say that motorcycling helps you lose weight, because it goes against the stereotypical image of an older, white male Harley rider with a big gut--where the only six-pack involved is what he drinks when he reaches his destination.

Motorcycling blogs are quick to point out the beneficial effects of riding, especially with mental health. As for weight loss, this blog post discusses that while a 150-pound person riding a motorcycle for one hour will burn 179 calories, that's barely more than the same person burning 145 calories while driving a car for an hour. So that doesn't say much for weight loss. But one important point this post does make, however, is that off-road riding is far more strenuous than simply cruising down the highway. A 230-pound rider can burn 400 calories during an hour of off-road riding, which is even more than bicycling. Another post at Estonia's Harley-Davidson Tallinn echoes this sentiment, claiming up to 600 calories per hour of off-road riding.

Street riders still benefit, though. Turning the handlebars, operating the brakes and clutch, and changing gears are small, simple movements, but they all take a small amount of energy, which adds up during a ride.

Another pretty reliable source contributing to this discussion can be found ath the popular MyFitnessPal app forum. Many riders are chiming in on how many calories they burn during their off-road riding. "Motor-cross" can even be found on its list of possible exercises.

So there you go. Riding a motorcycle can indeed help you lose or at the very least keep the pounds off. But if you wanna make the most out of your experience, pick up a used dirt bike then hit the dirt for a more intense workout. Or if that's too extreme for you, try commuting by motorcycle first instead of sitting on public transport. Your whole well being will thank you for it.

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