This Next Level Core Workout Will Make Planking Look Easy

This Next Level Core Workout Will Make Planking Look Easy

If you've already mastered basic core-strengthening exercises like planks, it's recommended to mix up your ab workouts by adding more advanced moves into your routine. That way, you're always on your toes and engaging your core muscles.

One move that Tamara Pridgett from Popsugar loves, and slightly despise because of how much it challenges her, are ab circles. It works your six-pack muscles, the deep core muscles that act like a corset and stabilizes your spine and pelvis called transverse abdominis, and to some degree, a little bit of obliques.

You're 100 percent going to feel all of your ab muscles turn on after a few reps of ab circles. Along with eating quality foods and consistent exercise, this move will have you on your way to sculpted abs.

How to Do Glider Ab Circles

For this exercise you'll need a pair of core sliders or a medium-sized towel.

  • Start in a plank position with a glider underneath each foot. If you don't have gliders, you can use a towel on a hard surface to perform this exercise.
  • Engage your core and bring both knees in toward your left elbow. With control, move the gliders in a clockwise rotation until you're back at the starting position.
  • This counts as one rep. Perform five reps going clockwise and five reps going counter-clockwise. Repeat for a total of two sets.

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