The Next Level Guide to Buying Clothes

The Next Level Guide to Buying Clothes

Every month, a big chunk of our money will be going to expenses. That's for sure--as sure as death and taxes.

And some of those expenses will be allocated to spending for clothes. Honestly, not much can compare on how new thread feels as it drapes on your body. But based on your current spending habits on clothes, would you consider yourself a smart spender?

We've all been there before. There are some purchases that felt sooo right in the moment, but after a while (maybe even a few minutes), we're sincerely asking ourselves: "why did we ever buy that?"

Or are you the type to always go for the goon sack on any occasion?

If you want to figure out which pieces to hold back on and which are worth the "investment", consider reading (even bookmarking) this guide to buying clothes. 'Coz at the end of the day what we all want is the most bang for our buck. We have other things to splurge on! ;)



next level apparel tees

Mary Lou Andre, a wardrobe consultant and author of Ready to Wear said: "you wear them close to your skin, so you wash them more, and they don't have that long of a shelf life,". So when you buy t-shirts, you have to make sure that they're comfortable, fit well, and durable. "Go for a good fit first and for fabric that doesn't look flimsy," says Kendall Farr, a stylist and the author of The Pocket Stylist: Behind-the-Scenes Expertise from a Fashion Pro on Creating Your Own Look. "Both of these criteria can be accomplished at good prices."

You can also read another one of our articles on why you'll love tees from Next Level Apparel.


Aside from t-shirts, another wardrobe essential that don't quite get a lot of love, especially on the spending department, are undergarments. Whether you're a guy or a girl, investing on well-made underwear is a good idea. They might not affect your overall look, but they will definitely affect your overall mood.

For the shielas, the perfect bra can be such an image boost. "A great bra can make a 5- to 10-pound difference in your appearance," says Amanda Sanders, a New York-based image consultant. "The bigger your bust, the more important the fit is. If you have a smaller chest, a quality bra can make the most of what you have."

So live a little when buying undergarments. Look for comfort, fit, and robustness.


A great pair of denim jeans is a must-have in any wardrobe. It's a no-nonsense, versatile, and dependable piece of clothing--you can never go wrong by putting one on.

Where you might go wrong, however, is in skimping a tenner in purchasing jeans. But don't break the bank. Splurge on one or two good pairs. Premium denim has an attractive dark wash and the right amount of stretch and should fit better than a cheaper pair.

On days when jeans can be inappropriate, say on formal events, black pants should be part of your wardrobe. Black pants are timeless and you can buy them virtually anywhere. But since it's not often worn, you can spend more on a pair that's well-tailored (maybe even custom-tailored) tropical-wool black pants. Better fit and craftsmanship and higher-quality materials cost a bit more, but you'll save in the long run, as you won't be spending twice as much buying a new, cheaper pair every year.

Gym Clothes

Invest in something functional, like a dry fit shirt. But don't forget to pick something flattering too. Because when you look good in your workout clothes, you're more inclined to work out. The thing about buying gym clothes is function should always come before form. You can find quality gym clothes at reasonable prices, and the pieces will most likely last for years to come. But don't overdo it: A great pair of pants (sweatpants, jogging pants, compression pants, or yoga pants) and a couple of tops will do the trick.

So ditch your ratty old t-shirt and get yourself some racerback and tank tops from Next Level. Did you know that Crossfit gyms all over the country have been using Next level Apparel tops as their recommended active clothing?

Formal Wear

A black suit should be available in any bloke's or shiela's wardrobe. You can reach for it for interviews, cocktail parties, dinners, and important meetings. A high-quality suit will last through many seasons and won't be ruined by multiple wearings or trips to the dry cleaner. Look for a superior fabric and cut. A classic style, in tropical wool with both a skirt or a matching pair of pants, will prove most versatile.

As for dresses, head for those on sale. Pretty much every dress is made with the same materials and they're not gonna be worn most days so why pay one in full price? Besides, you need to keep some of that money for shoes that match.


Experts say: A good jacket or coat can level-up your overall look, no matter what you wear. Look for a jacket that fits the widest part of your body. Also, make sure they button-up closed. Don't worry about sleeve length--a tailor can adjust that in no time.

Another helpful tip in buying jackets/coats, according to stylist Kendall Farr is: "Grab a handful of fabric and squeeze it hard for 20 seconds. If it looks like a crumpled lunch bag, so will you."

Weather-related Choices

There will come a time when you have to dress for a specific climate. Raincoats, hoodies, winter coats, and summer dresses come to mind. You don't have to break the bank to buy these.

Like gym clothes, these specialized apparel can be had at affordable prices and most of them are made with materials that do the job. Remember that when buying coats, they must fit well enough for you to be able to have a full range of motion.

Although, if you're in the market for something classic like a trench coat, you can spend a bit more. Just don't forget that you're dressing for the appropriate weather.

Comfortable and affordable hoodies for men and women are also available here at Next Level. Free shipping for orders $40 and above.

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