The Most Creative April Fool's Day Jokes so Far

The Most Creative April Fool's Day Jokes so Far

Today is April 1. And you already know what day it is: April Fool's Day!

Not to be confused with Opposite Day, April Fool's is that time of the year for companies to channel their inner pranksters and show their silly side.

Here are some of the most creative April Fool's jokes we've seen:

#1: Virgin Australia Fly Foods

Foodies can now have a taste of their favourite dishes from their favourite restaurant anywhere, anytime delivered to their front door!

#2: Origin Energy Solar Discovery

Embarking on a journey that is set to change the world: Origin Energy is going to send the very first manned mission... to the sun.

#3: Bedshare from Travelodge Hotels

Welcome to Bedshare – an exciting new product innovation that’s gonna cut your lodging costs in half!

#4: Orange becomes Pink

Orange, NSW is announcing some big news this April 1st. From now on, Orange will be called Pink--and it's for a good reason.

#5: Kathmandu All-Weather Wedding Dress

Meet the world's first all-weather, all-terrain wedding dress. Designed by Tanya Carlson using GORE-TEX fabric with protection, adaptability and elegance in mind.

#6: Duolingo Push

Duolingo is taking push notifications out of your phone and into the real world! With Duolingo Push, Duo the Owl will literally show up to remind you to practice so you never miss a day of language learning again.

#7: SodaStreamME x Scott Kelly

It took a rocket scientist and SodaStream to create the ultimate sparkling water maker: SodaStreamME.

#8: EB Games SALÉ Fragrance

Introducing the latest in unisex fragrance technology - SALÉ by Electronics Boutique. SALÉ (pronounced Sal-ay) is the fresh and avant-garde creation from entertainment and now scent retailer, Electronics Boutique. Baroque, epitome, serendipity – these are all words that you’ll probably start saying after inhaling the alluring scent of SALÉ. Leave your friends behind, and join us in the new age of aroma.

#9: BuzzFeedOz Doughnuts

The joke's on YOU.

#10: Google Snake

You can play Snake in Google Maps in different locations across the world, including Cairo, London, San Francisco, São Paulo, Sydney, and Tokyo. To play, open the Google Maps app for Android or iOS, tap on the menu icon on the top left corner, and hit “Play Snake.”

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