The Bodybuilder's Fashion 101

The Bodybuilder's Fashion 101

A well-built man and woman inspire admiration from most everyone. Not only because of the goods they're showcasing but also because everyone understands the sheer difficulty and dedication it takes to get on that level.

Unfortunately, almost the same can be said about finding a suitable style for a  bodybuilder--one that complements your physique and accentuates all those ripped and toned muscles.

However, with the right style and wardrobe pieces, your struggle to fit in won't have to be as hard any longer. Here’s how to rock the best bodybuilder fashion.

Choose Neutral and Classic Colour Combinations

A neutral-coloured wardrobe helps to blend simple style with body type. Bodybuilding fashion should create a proportional look throughout your entire body and highly-patterned clothing might break that silhouette.

Go for blacks, whites, and greys. Brown, tans, and darker blues are also safe bets. You can opt for bright colours once in a while, but they're best reserved on gym days.

Limit printed patterns and keep graphic tees simple. That way, you can still reflect your personality. Remember, you're already fit--attention won't be hard to draw. Find a comfy and basic tee that you love and buy it in every neutral shade. The goal is to fill your closet with casual clothing for bodybuilders. Good thing Next Level has a bunch of these in all sizes!

Lose the Loose Fit

This is perhaps the go-to choice for every bodybuilder and for a reason: it takes away the complications in style and fit. But this shouldn't be the case. Baggy shirts and pants will not only make you look unkempt, they also hide the hard work you paid for at the gym with blood sweat and tears.

Your shirt size should be fit, like your physique, but not tight. Form-fitting tees will enhance your chest, arms, shoulders, and lats.

If stuck between two sizes, choose the smaller size. Go for tops that are tight on the arms but more relaxed in the collar. Shirts should fit well in the shoulders, without feeling restricted in the armpits.

Slim fit pants are for the slim. You're not slim. 

For your bottoms, don't limit yourself to just sweatpants and cycling pants--a proper pair of jeans is a must-have. Slim fit pants might be more appealing but they are tough to put on and restrictive, especially with those well-defined legs of yours. Go for straight relaxed cut jeans.

Leave the slim fit pants for the ladies coz they want their buttocks to pop out. 

For a more formal attire, go for a material that breathes easy and stretches a bit like chinos because these will likely leave enough room for the quads and calves.

Layer the Right Way

While it's tempting to just wear your workout clothes anywhere and everywhere you go, proper clothing for every season shouldn't be taken for granted-especially during the colder days.

While the tendency is to bulk up in weight during the winter offseason and cut down for the summer, your layering should be consistently light. Thick and chunky knits will bunch up and make you look too bulky. Keep materials thin to avoid hiding muscle definition. There are a lot of brands with advanced clothing that keeps body heat in without the chunkiness.

Go for a long thin peacoat or trench over a puffy jacket. This will frame your physique better and create more height. A light distressed leather jacket always looks good on both men and women. Pick a style that appeals to your personality, such as biker or modern. Choose an athletic slim fit to contour your arms and chest.


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