#ServingLooks: The Hottest Streetwear Bloggers in Australia

#ServingLooks: The Hottest Streetwear Bloggers in Australia

Here at Next Level Apparel AU, we believe that anyone can be their very own style icon--that fashion can be an individual's most important form of expression. So we're starting a series of content that will help you find your "fashion north", a style that truly expresses who you are. This is #ServingLooks.

You are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge
- Dr. Dre, N.W.A.

Perhaps the hottest movement in fashion today, streetwear has definitely invaded every single stratum of society. What started as a grassroot movement emphasising the feel and vibe of the urban hangouts such as the skate parks, blacktops, surf spots, and back alleys, streetwear is now carried by haute couture design houses looking to gain mass appeal.

And it is certainly the case. Season after season, we're seeing luxury brands and streetwear designers engage in limited issue releases more commonly known as collabs, case in point:

This is a collab between streetwear brand Supreme and luxury brand Louis Vuitton.

In the past, high-taste luxury brands don't even think of messing with "small-time" streetwear brands from the gutter. But streetwear is getting harder and harder to ignore. Why? Because brands like Supreme are getting supremely valuable--its valuation is currently at $1-billion.

But you don't have to break the bank to rep the streets. It's all about how you're vibin' and staying legit. Here to help you flex are some of the hottest influencers in Australia that can be found on IG.




























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