#ServingLooks: How to Style Your Hoodie

#ServingLooks: How to Style Your Hoodie

As we're approaching the end of April and welcome May, the breeze gets more chilly deep in the middle of autumn. While we can still rock the usual t-shirt + jeans combo, the optional layer of clothing becomes more of a requirement now rather than an addition.

Good thing you can stock up on fab hoodies here on Next Level! But since we're Next Level, we don't think it's enough just for you to put on a hoodie and go on your way. We want to make you feel good and look good as well!

So in this edition of #ServingLooks, we're going to show you how you can level up your hoodie game.

Down here, we rule the streets!

Since streetwear is the hottest look today, rocking the hoodie is easy and can be mixed and matched in ways you haven't tried before.

“While you can go head-to-toe athleisure these days, I prefer incorporating authentic, or authentic-inspired, athletic pieces when I want to give my outfit a more relaxed attitude,” says Ruth Basloe, Nordstrom's styling director

“My favorite new way to wear a hoodie is to pair a solid, gym-class-issued style with something tailored and textured like a dress trouser or a blazer,” says Ruth.

Bet you never knew that hoodies can look corporate?

Jackets on hoodies?

Going out for the night and the air is extra frosty? You might wanna layer up with a bomber jacket on top of a hoodie. Use a thinner kind of hoodie like the Tri-blend Long Sleeve Hoodie from Next Level so you won't look stuffed while still keeping yourself warm.

Hoodie x Bootie

Now, like a good oversized shirt, an oversized hoodie can be worn as a dress on its own. But instead of the usual oversized hoodie + sneaker combo, wear something more polished like over-the-knee boots.

For your Sunday brunch

For this look, we followed New York fashion blogger and style icon, Style Devotee herself: Shalini Acharya's advice on how to look sophisticated in a hoodie.

"I paired this hoodie with a lace skirt in order to give it more of a sophisticated look and voila, I can wear this to brunch or a casual dinner. Accessories are a key to any outfit, therefore I love throwing on a pair of funky socks which always gives any outfit a cool factor."

Follow her on Instagram @styledevotee and get started on her blog, Style Devotee

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