#ServingLooks: 12 Top Minimalist Fashion Bloggers to Follow

#ServingLooks: 12 Top Minimalist Fashion Bloggers to Follow

Here at Next Level Apparel AU, we believe that anyone can be their very own style icon--that fashion can be an individual's most important form of expression. So we're starting a series of content that will help you find your "fashion north", a style that truly expresses who you are. This is #ServingLooks.

The term minimalist evokes a particular picture in mind. If you think about it, do you imagine something similar to this?


For some people, minimalism is a way of life. It's the simplicity, clarity, and singlemindedness that draws people to follow this path, the path of bare essentials.

And it seeps through to how they convey themselves outwardly, how they present themselves--even through the clothes they wear.

But don't, for a second, think that minimalist fashion is equivalent to boring and monochromatic. In fact, there's a certain allure and creativity required to express much with little.

Luckily, Australia is home to some of the most influential minimalist-style icons and fashionistas that could inspire your desire to express.






























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