Next Level Recap: 2019 Arnold Sports Festival

Next Level Recap: 2019 Arnold Sports Festival

Last 15 - 17 March, the Next Level crew went to the largest, most prestigious health and fitness event in the country: the Arnold Sports Festival. What started as a convention for health buffs and bodybuilders five years ago, the Arnold Sports Fest has turned into a landmark, highly-anticipated annual event that every person from all ages could enjoy--while still remaining to be the top proving ground for the biggest, baddest, strongest and sexiest beings on the planet.

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Of course, Next Level is not about to miss out on all the fun! After all, this is the chance to finally have the #BestTees be introduced to the best!

Meeting The Terminator

Of course, the biggest highlight of the event is meeting the festival's namesake, the biggest action movie star of all-time, the Governor, the Terminator, the one and only: Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger!

arnold sports festival 2019

Arnie doesn't look a day older than 70! Perhaps more than the legacy he's built starring in the biggest Hollywood blockbusters is Arnold's passion in putting health and fitness at the forefront. And making every person in the world believe that dreams do come true if you work hard! Even for a simple boy from post-world war Austria. It's been a pleasure to be part of making history with you!

Bodybuilding's Next Gen Stars: Brandon Hendrickson & Chayse Tattershall

Current Mr. Olympia Pro Physique champion Brandon Hendrickson and 2019 Arnold Classic Australia 2nd runner-up Chayse Tattershall graced the stage and #Booth619 over the Arnold Sports Fest weekend. They're both young highly charismatic, highly competitive up-and-comers who are going to rule the bodybuilding scene for years to come!

brandon hendrickson next level apparel

Mr. Olympia Pro Physique Champion Brandon Hendrickson wears & uses Next Level tees for his merch

And of course, we can't complain about their choice of tees and tank tops for their merch and wardrobe: Next Level Apparel!

chayse tattershall next level apparel

A powerful winning pose from 2019 Arnold Classic Australia 3rd placer Chayse Tattershall in front of #Booth619

6x World Armwrestling League Heavyweight Champ: Devon Larratt

One of the most recognisable armwrestling athletes and fun-loving dude, Devon "No Limits" Larratt had fun with the Next Level crew and took them through the gauntlet!

And he was all smiles when he got to wear the #BestTees he's ever had! Next Level tees can help him stay cool and collected while he conquers every man coming to the table.

devon larratt next level apparel

The Next Level crew had such a blast. Thank you for visiting #Booth619 and trying on the #BestTeesYou'llEverHave. We can't wait to come back for more next year!

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