Like it or not, the Dad Bod is "en vogue"

Like it or not, the Dad Bod is "en vogue"

Swap crunches for munchies. If it's good enough for Johnathan Thurston to embrace and Andy Ruiz Jr's so-called dad bod is enough to win the World Heavyweight championship, it's good enough for us.

According to a survey done by Planet Fitness, the "dad bod" is in fashion and an increasing amount of women actually prefer it over washboard abs.

Planet Fitness is one of the largest fitness centers in the world, with more than 1,700 locations worldwide. They're known for their "Judgment Free Zone" philosophy where they acknowledge and celebrate everyone in all shapes and sizes.

The results show that there's an ever-increasing appreciation and acceptance of the dad bod physique, surprisingly. Or not. Because this is the third consecutive year that the survey reflected a consensus that it exudes sexiness and confidence more now than before.

There are a number of insights regarding how people feel about the “dad bod” overall, including how the sentiment compares year over year. For example, over 23 million men identify as having one – similar to those who said the same in 2018 – but this year more men believe that there is universal acceptance of the “dad bod” than in 2018 (71 percent vs. 63 percent). Both men and women associate the body type with positive traits as demonstrated by new survey insights, including:

  • Body Positivity on the Rise. More men with a “dad bod” this year in comparison to last year say:
    • They are happier with their body (79 percent vs. 64 percent);
    • Having that body type has improved their life in some way (72 percent vs. 62 percent);
    • A “dad bod” has made them more relaxed (46 percent vs. 37 percent).
  • Boosted Self-Esteem. Men who say their “dad bod” has improved their life this year claim their body type has helped them accept themselves (48 percent) or made them less concerned with their appearance (47 percent).
  • Confidence is King. Nearly four in five among both women and men (78 percent) believe a “dad bod” is a sign of a man who is confident in his own skin.
  • Yes, Please. More Americans say the “dad bod” is attractive (65 percent vs. 57 percent), men with a “dad bod” are sexy (61 percent vs. 51 percent) and the “dad bod” is the new six-pack (51 percent vs. 41 percent) this year compared to last year.

“As home of the Judgement Free Zone, we’re proud to offer a comfortable environment for all of our members, regardless of body type,” said Jamie Medeiros, Vice President of Marketing at Planet Fitness.

However, this doesn't mean that everyone should disregard their health. Health experts warn Australian parents to minimise the amount of salt they feed their kids, amidst a prevalence of heart issue related deaths.

Body type matters less compared to health.

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