#ServingLooks: How To Wear T-shirts to Formal Events

#ServingLooks: How To Wear T-shirts to Formal Events

In simple terms, t-shirts and formal events don't equate. The carefree, laid-back quality of an elementary t-shirt can easily downplay the magnitude of importance or scale of any formal event--and that's a big no-no, especially if you're under the spotlight.

But it's 2019. And we think the time is ripe for some disruption.

When it comes to dressing up, the rules have been blurred--with A-listers from movies and music trying to serve looks and styles beyond the norm.

So don't be afraid to rock a tee on formal events every so often. It's all about how you wear it!

1. Look for bold, eye-catching statement/graphic pieces

When it comes to styling a tee for formal occasion, always pick up something graphic and uniquely detailed. Then accessorize with bold, eye-catching statement pieces to take your outfit to the next level.

2. Pair formalwear with t-shirts and accessories with vivid colours and chunky textures

Sometimes, you can use t-shirts to liven up your formalwear. Take a formal maxi skirt for instance. You might not typically think to add a graphic tee as your top. However, if you add a chunky jewelry and bold heels, the outfit suddenly becomes fancy AF.

3. Fancy wearing a black t-shirt? Mix prints and textures.

Go for a daring look that will make you stand out. Mix prints and textures with your black tee. Couple it with the faux fur jacket and leather skirt to give your  outfit a next level edge.

4. You know what looks great with a pantsuit? A t-shirt!

Show them who's the boss with a sleek pantsuit; this time, paired with a graphic tee and patterned oxford shoes for an unexpected, yet stylish twist.

5. Brighten up the formalities with a floral tee

Turn heads at your next formal event with a bright and floral tee, matched with pastel pops of colour (long skirt) and statement jewelry to add some spring to this formal look.

6. Make everything glitter with gold

Do you know what could make a formal event sparkle under a cold, dreary weather? A gorgeous golden outfit! Sparkle under the lights in a traditional cocktail party with a fun t-shirt as top!

7. Update a matching set.

A matching set is a go-to option that can't go wrong. But you can always add more spice by pairing them with a fun graphic t-shirt with a contrasting tone. It'll keep your look fresh, fun, and youthful.

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