How Pop Stars Became Fashion’s Hottest Designers

How Pop Stars Became Fashion’s Hottest Designers

Some of the multi-talented, multi-millionaire pop stars of the music industry are taking their magic dust and sprinkling a liberal amount onto their fashion pursuits.

It's clear that the same creative force inspiring them to make hits is also pushing them to cover new ground in fashion. So it’s not that surprising that over the years the two worlds have increasingly bled on to each other. Style is style--whether it be sound or look.

They're also becoming more business savvy--especially in taking ownership with their own brand ecosystem and growing their fan base.

Music and Fashion: More Things in Common

At the end of the day, the music and fashion industry are still businesses. And in business, when something works, you ride it until it doesn't. This is how Rihanna built up her music base and now her fashion base.

You can now follow Rihanna on Instagram, stream her music via Spotify, dress in her Fenty tailored denim, buy her cosmetics at Harvey Nichols and sleep in her Savage x Fenty pyjamas. All bases are covered. With fashion becoming increasingly centred around direct-to-consumer ‘drops’, the music industry’s streaming model lends itself naturally to the disruptive spirit adopted by forward-thinking fashion brands.

“There is no six-month wait, you get it when you see it,” Rihanna told Vogue at the launch of Fenty fashion in Paris, noting that her collections will be available to buy immediately at “There’s no tease. You see it, love it and want it. And that’s because I’m like that, I want things right away.” Such a strategy is a first for fashion’s biggest, and perhaps most traditional, conglomerate. “I really appreciate that LVMH is flexible enough to allow me to have a different perspective on how I want to release things,” she added. “Mr Arnault [Bernard Arnault, chairman and CEO, LVMH] is a very smart man and he’s open.”

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