Game of Thrones Final Season Preview: The Ultimate Recap Before the Premiere

Game of Thrones Final Season Preview: The Ultimate Recap Before the Premiere

Ever since the season seven finale episode, Throne fans have been looking forward to the nail-biting final season. The release dates were teased, moved several times, and even postponed. But it's finally here!

On April 15, the final season premiere of GoT will be broadcast on Australian TV. 

We've been waiting for this for almost two years. And since it's been two years, you might have a hard time remembering everything that transpired leading up to the final season.

You could either watch the entirety of season 7 (all of nine hours) or read our ultimate recap before the premiere.

Note: There will definitely be spoilers.

Where Do We Stand?

The struggle for power and claim for the throne has been peaking and coasting at the same time, now that every power player has converged in one place to see the kind of enemy that threatens all of Westeros: the Night King and his army of undead.

While this is going to be the major theme of the final season, there are a lot of subplots happening in the background.

Theon rescuing his sister, Yara

We last saw Theon pulling his act together after he failed to fight against his uncle Euron's ambush of their fleet. Yara has been delivered to King’s Landing, where she's being held as a prisoner. Euron, who saw the wight Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen brought to King’s Landing, said he was on his way back to the Iron Islands to wait out the undead’s land invasion, but Cersei later said that he’s actually en route to Essos to escort a for-hire-army to fight on her behalf.

The Starks Are Back in the North

After such an unfortunate series (or seasons) of events, the Stark has finally regained their glory and has taken the North back from the Boltons and the conniving manipulator who is Littlefinger. Sisters Sansa and Arya Stark finally had a heart-to-heart in Winterfell and stopped feuding. Bran Stark is also back home, finally unveiling the truth behind Jon Snow's true lineage.

The Lannisters are at an Impasse

The Lannister siblings seem to be in the middle of fighting for their own personal agendas now: Cersei (pregnant with Jaimie's child) using the distraction of the Night King to slight her enemies, Jaimie joining the fight at the North, and Tyrion looking very concerned with the budding relationship of Jon and Daeny. It's interesting to see what happens to each one and if a Lannister will even make through the end.

What About The Others?

Davos is last seen accompanying Jon Snow as they travel back to the north. Jorah, now healed of his greyscale thanks to Samwell, has successfully reunited with Daenerys. Lord Varys continues to align himself with Daenerys is likely to go northbound as well. Grey Worm who commanded the rest of the Unsullied is sailing back to the North after falling into the trap the Lannisters and Euron set at Casterly Rock. The trailer shows him reunite with Missandei.

In Winterfell, Brienne of Tarth spars with the exceptionally-skilled Arya. She's also back to serve the Stark children once again. Samwell Tarly quit training to become a Maester and went back to Winterfell, meeting with Bran Stark who revealed to him Jon's parentage.

Winter is Coming. And the Night King with It.

As we all know by now, the Night King is the first White Walker, who was created when the Children of the Forest, a non-human race who originally inhabited Westeros, stabbed one of the First Men with dragonglass thousands of years ago. He now serves as the leader of the White Walkers and their wights. Right now he together with his undead army is fast approaching Winterfell after collapsing the Wall that has protected the rest of Westeros from the White Walkers. He also has a shiny new ride: an undead Viserion breathing ungodly blue fire.

The final season of the Game of Thrones is set to be a monumental moment in history. Don't miss the final season premiere this April 15!

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