Do this One Simple Thing to Succeed on Your Fitness Goals for 2019

Do this One Simple Thing to Succeed on Your Fitness Goals for 2019

Goal setting is probably one of the most important habits anyone can practice. It's relevant in any facet of life for success, especially in fitness and health. Luckily, with all the "smart" stuff (smartwatches, smartphones, smart sneakers) in the market, setting goals and tracking them is virtually a few taps away. There are practically hundreds of fitness apps available out there.

However, there are times that even technology, with all its wonder, could affect us negatively, and it's probably making us become a bit out-of-touch.

A recent study concluded that handwritten note-takers can better hold onto information and have a strong grasp around its concept than those who don't.

Which brings us to the one simple thing that could help you succeed in achieving your fitness goals (or in this matter, any goal):

This might be the last thing that comes to your mind when you picture "CrossFit" in your head. But hear out what this CrossFit coach advised a CrossFitter when she wanted to redefine her fitness after going through a heartbreaking chapter in her life:

“If you want to relate to fitness in a healthy and authentic way, then you need to connect to it mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as well,” - CrossFit coach Mike Ramirez, CF-L2

A fitness journal can be a great tool to monitor your progress over time, and help you become more honest with yourself, to internalise the challenges and victories you've had through the years. It will show you where you started, where you have evolved, how you truly feel about fitness, and how you’re relating to it.

To get the most out of the journal, Ramirez suggests simple prompts like: How did the workout make you feel? How is your body doing? What hurts? What should your focus be to fully recover? What made you feel powerful and strong? Are you feeling joy?

Getting into the core (pun intended) of your fitness motivations and goals will help you stay on track and get back on it if you've fallen off.
“Just as that surge of dopamine hits, and you’re high on the endorphins, allow yourself to freely write. Whatever comes to your mind post-training, write it down.”

So if you want to experience a breakthough this upcoming year: Start a fitness journal.


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