12 Budget-Friendly Holiday Destinations for Australians

12 Budget-Friendly Holiday Destinations for Australians

December is not just a time for holiday cheers, it's also an opportunity for you to get some time to travel and see the world, to embark on new adventures and experience other cultures and cuisines.

If travelling is part of your holiday itinerary, here are a few helpful suggestions on which holiday destination you can get the most value out of your hard-earned money.




Aside from the strong performance of the Australian dollar against the Turkish lira, Turkey is one of the best places you can travel this holiday season because of its strategic location.

Also called "The Gateway to the East" by European scholars, Turkey is a mixture of both Mediterranean and West Asian culture.

“Aussies looking for an adventure should check out the eastern part of Turkey to see ancient ruins, or the western part for its big cities and the tranquil Mediterranean Sea,” WorldFirst head of foreign exchange Patrick Liddy said.



Another good choice for travelling with cuisine and culture in mind is India. The Aussie dollar has been up 5% against the Indian rupee so it's the right time to travel to this vibrant country.

There are 37 UNESCO World Heritage-listed sites across the country that are all rooted Rwith history and culture.


Voted the most popular destination by Traveller magazine, Japan is perhaps the best value international destination for Australians. The Aussie dollar has strengthened 13% against the yen, according to the Expedia Currency Monitor report.

Major cities and destinations are just a train ride away.



In south-east Asia, Malaysia is the best value destination, boasting a couple of UNESCO World Heritage sites, tranquil countryside, and borders to other south-east Asian countries like Thailand and Singapore. Another good thing is if you went down with the sickness in your trip, Malaysia has excellent medical facilities.

The Aussie dollar has appreciated 11% against the Malaysian ringgit, and flights and hotels decreasing in price by 10%.



If you need to be transported to another land and pressed for time, the Indonesian island of Bali can be the most viable option for a quickie holiday destination. Aussies travelling to Bali has risen more than 550% since 2011 and almost 20% since 2015 because of its closeness to AU.


Sri Lanka

Definitely a more exotic and less-beaten path, travelling to the tropical island nation of Sri Lanka is a bargain--considering the rich wildlife, delicious seafood, and a wide range of accommodation options.

Here the Aussie dollar has risen 9% in value, and you'll find return flights have dropped 5%.



United Kingdom

The holidays would also be a good time to visit some of your extended family in UK. From a traveller's perspective, the United Kingdom has a lot of modern cities surrounded by the countrysides--so it's not totally not out-of-the-ordinary.

The Brexit uncertainty has caused the British pound to drop almost 3% against our dollar



If you're tired basking under the golden sun down under, a white Christmas might be an outstanding alternative. Boasting some of the world’s best ski resorts, galleries, and museums, this central European country is an ideal less-travelled holiday destination

Also, the Australian dollar climbing 3% against the Euro will definitely make your trip worthwhile.”


Canary Islands, Spain

Another ideal transcontinental getaway destination that's packed with outdoor activities would be Spain, particularly the Canary Islands.

Closer to the African Kingdom of Morocco than the Spanish mainland, you can surf, snorkel, or hike in the Canary Islands. Then after that, Morocco is just a ferry ride away.

South America


Argentina is the best bet if you're getting into South America for the first time. The Aussie Dollar has risen 15% against the Argentine Peso.

Also, Argentina is provided with a huge variety of climates across its territory: from northern tropical forests to the ice-capped Patagonia from the south.



Ecotourism is the name of the game for your holiday travel in Colombia. Its major attractions mostly lie within Colombia's varied geography, which includes the Amazon River and Andes mountain range, the Carribean coast, and the desert of La Guajira.

Furthermore, hotel prices have dropped as much as 25%, like the next potential South American holiday destination.


Famous for its almost never-ending beaches, vibrant people, iconic attractions, and historic architecture, Brazil has plenty to offer--it being the largest South American country.

A good place to start is Rio de Janeiro where you can see the Sugar Loaf, take an Instagram selfie at Christ the Redeemer, and walk the sandy path of Copacabana.


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