8 Most Popular Halloween Costumes in Australia this 2018

8 Most Popular Halloween Costumes in Australia this 2018

The hallowed (pun intended) tradition of dressing up for Halloween has been in full force this year; perhaps because it offers everyone the opportunity to be extra in expressing themselves creatively--DIY being a hot topic according to searches on Google (courtesy of Google Frightgeist).



In its aftermath, we're going to find out which costumes were the most sought after. These will probably cause some flashbacks...


fortnite costume

#1 Fortnite

The new kid on the block reigns supreme this Halloween with the game being inspired by cartoonish graphics and zany skins. Many dressed up as their avatars, bringing their Fortnite characters to life.



#2 Zombies

A staple of the costume party. Accessible, easy to DIY, can be done last-minute. Looks awesome in groups.


devil angel


#3 Supernatural beings (Devil, Angel)

Certainly influenced by the religious background of Halloween, many came to dress up as symbols of good and evil engaged in an epic battle as old as time itself.


deadpool hugh jackman

#4 Celebrities

A real delight in costume parties, especially if they can do spot-on impersonations.



#5 Superheroes (Spiderman, Harley Quinn, etc.)

If there's anyone people like to emulate, it's their heroes. No Marvel vs DC over here.



#6 Clown

The humble yet colourful clown costume experienced a resurgence due to the hit horror movie remake, It. Clowns are supposed to be funny, yet they're naturally scary.



#7 Cosplay

Nothing gets more extra than this. Dressing up as your favourite cartoon and anime characters require dedication and attention-to-detail. Or maybe it's just a recycled costume from the previous convention. #ReusingIsBetterThanRecycling

vampire costume

#8 Vampires

Halloween 2018 sucks for the proud vampire. Although still popular, it lagged behind the rest of the ghoulish crowd in this year's Halloween.

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