5 Quick Fashion Fixes to Save the Day

5 Quick Fashion Fixes to Save the Day

A snapped strap, a broken zipper, skirts getting blown by the wind, a tear here and there.

You'll never know when or where you'll encounter a fashion faux pas--like a thief in the night. It'll sneak at the moment you least expect it. But like a responsible homeowner, that doesn't mean you can't prepare for it. So bank on these 5 quick fashion fixes that even the celebrities swear on to save the day!


Garment Weights

The scene where Marilyn Monroe holds down her dress against the rushing wind is an iconic cinematic moment. Let's leave it at that. That almost always spells trouble for the rest of us in real life. So avoid this by getting yourself some re-usable garment weights. These are available to order online and can be found in a department store near you.


Bra Liners

Women have an ongoing love-hate relationship with their bras. Have you experienced bra rash and chafing? Then you know the struggle is real. So avoid these by putting on some bra liners. They're soft on the skin while wicking away moisture to keep you feeling cool, dry, and comfortable!


Nipple Covers

Continuing on the love-hate theme with bras, there will be occasions when a pair just won't get the job done. Some outfits just don't call for bras. For these, use reusable adhesive nipple covers.


Anti-chafing Thigh Bands

#ThiccThighs save lives, amirite?? While that may be the case, what's not discussed often is how chafing caused by skin rubbing together can be a cause for discomfort. So prevent this by wearing some thigh bands. Remember--their not just for weddings!


Underarm Sweat Pads

Being hot and bothered is hard enough. Add some sweaty pits into the mix and you'll wish the earth could just swallow you up! So on a bright and sunshine-y day don't forget to slap on some underarm sweat pads!

With these five items in your arsenal, you'll rid yourself of most fashion faux pas in the book. Speaking of fashion faux pas, you know what clothing choice you'll never go wrong in? Getting yourself some Next Level tees! More and more people are swearing by it day-by-day. Musicians and athletes are loving how they're soft, light, comfortable and well-fitting. These are the #BestTees you'll ever have!

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