5 Instagram Fashion Influencers On the Come Up

5 Instagram Fashion Influencers On the Come Up

Despite most millennial women using Instagram every day - read: every hour - it's easy to forget that there's an entire world of people out there to follow, beyond those whose photos pop up on your feed daily.

Though a certain few fashion influencers have dominated the platform for years now - Pernille TeisbaekNicole Warne and Chiara Ferragni, to name a few - every year more and more young women are gaining traction for their original style and bold outfit choices. To save you the work of hunting them down, we've rounded up five fashionable women worth following for endless inspiration.



Harling Ross

New York-based fashion editor Harling Ross has ammassed over 50,000 followers because she not only knows a (really) good outfit when she sees one, but she mixes designer with vintage with high street and tag everything so her followers can jump on bargains immediately. Moreover, she's not afraid of a full-length mirror selfie. That's our kind of woman.



Blanca Miro Scrimieri

Spanish stylist, fashion consultant and social media strategist Blanca Miró can sniff a trend from a mile away. She'll be wearing the shoes of the year before the rest of us have even heard of the brand and onto the next hot thing as we're just figuring it out. Follow her and just try to keep up.



Candice Huffin

Model and designer Candice Huffine mixes photos from her fashion shoots and runway shows with her off-duty style giving her 200k+ followers a look at everything from top end designer to high street steals. 



Emily Oberg

The good thing about fashion designer Emily Oberg is that she wears pieces you already have in your closet - an oversized jumper, mum jeans and slides (granted, maybe not the new Bottega Veneta pair), but will mix and match her wardrobe with statement accessories, such as sparkly clips, ankle bracelets and colourful bags, so that each outfit looks incredible.


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Anna Cornelia

Anna is the newest young woman to catch our attention for her young and fun style and the fact that she's not afraid to play with. Of course she's from Copenhagen.

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