4 Simple Yet Effective Tips for a Belly Healthy Christmas

4 Simple Yet Effective Tips for a Belly Healthy Christmas

The Christmas season, and everything that rolls with it, is here: gifts, love, and food. Lots of them. While it's all nice and fun, the holidays also makes it easy to just give in and lose track of perhaps the most important thing you can give yourself: health.

On average, Aussies gain as much as 1.5 kg over the Christmas season. Might not look much if you keep an active lifestyle, but what if you don't?

That's why we want to present you some easy-to-do tips/reminders to keep you belly healthy this Christmas. (Consider this our gift to you.)


#1: Have a light snack before going to a party

Hunger pangs can be hard to ignore and will eventually get the best of us once we see or smell food, especially high caloric party food. The hungrier we are, the more food we tend to eat. This might sound counterintuitive but try to avoid going to parties on an empty stomach. Instead, have a light snack--preferably a healthy one like a bowl of fruits and yogurt which has high-fiber content that will leave you fuller for longer.

#2: Swap your plate for something smaller

Food portion is perhaps the most important thing to watch when you're eating, especially if you're trying to keep the weight off or maintain it. It's hard not to try everything and easy to throw caution to the wind at the buffet table. So get a smaller plate. This way you can have a little bit of everything without pigging out.

#3: Drink plenty. (of water)

Did you know? A pint of a typical pale ale is 182 calories or 4-5 slices of bread. That's another 182 calories around your belly. But what's a party without booze, right? So what you ought to do is drink water in between every drink. Not only will this leave you feeling fuller, helping you slow down on the alcohol, but it will also keep you hydrated to keep those nasty hangovers at bay. This also applies to drinking fizzies, which by all accounts is like drinking sugar.

#4: Purposefully stay far away from the table

I can resist anything except temptation." - Oscar Wilde

Let's not kid ourselves: play with fire and you will get burned. By willfully staying far from the buffet table, the drinks, or the keg, you give yourself a chance to reconsider getting another glass of punch, a bottle of beer, or another hearty serving of party snacks. And if you do wanna get some more, at least you're giving yourself a bit of cardio. Win-win, right?


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