#ServingLooks: 11 Simple Tips to Help You Dress Well

#ServingLooks: 11 Simple Tips to Help You Dress Well

Do you find yourself spending hours in front of the mirror, trying on dresses and different combinations, looking absolutely clueless? Or are you like millions of people who dread having to pick an outfit every morning before going out? Fear not. From now on, everything's gonna change. Let these 11 simple tips guide you to becoming a fashion pro!


Tip #1: Keep it Simple

Sometimes, what makes you feel paralyzed is overanalysis. It's just like what they say when you can't make a decision because you're considering everything at once: analysis paralysis. Sometimes a simple Next Level tee and a pair of trousers are all you need to get through the day.


Tip #2: Treat Oversized Blazers Like a Dress

oversized blazer as dress

Oversized blazers can be a versatile tool in your wardrobe. Pair with slacks during the day for professional settings. Then put it on a mini-dress for the midweek night out.


Tip #3: Experiment in Colour Combinations

experiment colour combinations

Sometimes, all it takes is to pair up two of your brightest, pastel coloured pieces to create an unexpected look. Don't be afraid to beyond the norms. A fresh look can mean the difference between a good day and a bad one.


Tip #4: Sneakers Go Well With Everything

woman in sneakers

This belongs on the same line as tip #3. Whoever said a suit can't be teamed up with a pair of sleek trainers? For starters, wear sneakers with neutral colour (white, black) then from there, go crazy with the combinations.


Tip #5: Treat your Make-up as a Fashion Accessory

make-up accent

Like a cool accessory, your make-up can tie together your whole outfit. For example, a pair of red heels will certainly match your red-hot lipstick. Or try it the other way around: let your accessories inspire your make-up colours.


Tip #6: Don't Underestimate A Good Belt

women with belt

With a good belt, you'll find out that there are more ways than one way to wear that great tailored coordinate set you picked for today. Try cinching your blazer with a belt and the look becomes way more feminine than structured.


Tip #7: Layer Your Neutrals

layer neutrals

Neutral colours tend to wash over and negate each other. So layer them up with a single bright/dark coloured accessory. Don't ever catch yourself not following this tip!


Tip #8: Earrings Are An Option

flower earrings

If you don't feel like wearing make-up or styling your hair, one thing that could express your mood are a nice pair of earrings. Because like make-up and newly cut hair: earrings can draw attention.


Tip #9: Do the Hair Tuck

Hair tuck

No time to whip out the blow dryer? Let your hair air dry and wear a blazer with a high collar so you can tuck away your locks and still manage to look chic and polished.


Tip #10: Headbands Look Playful

You could be wearing the slickest suit at the office, but add a headband, and your outfit instantly becomes a fashion statement. Coordinate one with your purse to show how you've really mastered the accessory game.


Tip #11: Explore Menswear Once in a While


Check out what your SO/brother/roommate is wearing. Do they look nice? If they do look nice on them, they're gonna be the same thing for you. Sometimes you find inspiration in the most unlikely places, yes, even with menswear.

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